What Kind of Tape to use for Shipping

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It’s always exciting to receive a parcel, but if you’re the one sending it out – there are some things to keep in mind.

While the mailing services are becoming better and better, this doesn’t mean that your parcel won’t be thrown about here and there.

So if you’re wrapping up a gift, or sending a product to a client, you want to be able to package it properly and that means ample padding in a conveniently sized box.

But most importantly, the one thing that keeps it all together – tape!

shipping tape
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The right tape ensures a hassle-free package that won’t tear open before delivery (or even after that).

Which Tape Should You Use?

‘Tape’ doesn’t refer to just any of those you have lying around.

Since this is a tough job, it requires a good tape to save the day – that’s why we have packaging tape.

Many sellers use nylon or vinyl tape instead, while others have chosen masking tape.

There are still few who go the old-fashioned route and stick to good old Duct Tape to help them out.

In our opinion the best tape is Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of choices to opt for.

But when it comes to wrapping it up, there are some things to remember.

  • For one, ensure that the tape has a strong adhesive. If it’s going to pop off with ease, the package is going to come undone in transit itself!

    Since you’ve got to prepare your little bundle for anything, this is one of the unfortunate scenarios you need to avoid.

  • Secondly, ensure that the tape itself is durable. Will it become weak with a splash of water? Or will it just come undone because of all the brushing against other boxes? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, you need another tape.
  • And finally – ensure that the tape you’re using is thick. A thin tape offers as much protection as a feather against a hurricane. And since the transit isn’t going to be a walk in the park for your parcel, might as well give it the best protection you can.

Once you’ve got the right tape in hand (hint, scotch packaging tape!), you’re good to begin.

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How To Use Your Tape to Wrap Up A Parcel?

Step 1:
This is just a little background, to keep you on the right track. So before you start, make sure that all the contents within the parcel are suitably padded.

You don’t know how it will be treated in transit, so you need to prepare for the worst.

If you’re wrapping it up for customers (or to send across gifts to family and friends), this is definitely recommended.

Otherwise you will either end up paying a refund, or the present may be ruined!

But with the right amount of padding, the contents will be immune to all the hazards of some rough transporting.

Step 2:
Now that everything inside is in place, its time to get on with the taping.

But don’t get overexcited, you don’t have to tape every little bit up. This will just makes for hell when it comes to unwrapping, and a thousand curses may come your way instead.

So instead, you need to first tape up the closing flaps. While one layer of these durable tapes is usually enough, giving it another more secure coat never hurts.

Step 3:
After this, you need to cover up all the seams of the box. So don’t be stingy with the tape, and roll it all over the sides.

Pay particular attention to those tricky corners as well. This will give you protection from any unexpected tears.

After all, the seams are the weakest parts of a parcel, so it’s advisable to reinforce it as best you can.

Step 4:
Now take a good look at the box. Are there any other weaker areas you think need to be reinforced? Well, don’t take any changes, and tape them up as well. But remember not to over-do it.

Step 5:
And don’t get so wrapped up in the taping that you forget to paste on the addresses!

You can keep it secure using transparent tape – this is a great idea to make it waterproof and ensure that your parcel doesn’t get lost in transit.

Shipping out parcels can leave you a little on edge.

Will it reach safely, or will it be lost in along the way?

Will it remained undamaged, or will things somehow go horribly wrong?

With a dozen anxiety-inducing questions flooding your brain, it’s best to do everything in your power to keep the odds in your favor!

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