What Kind of Tape is Best for Hanging Posters?

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I recently encountered this issue when I moved into my new house.

I had lots of posters to put up on my walls, but didn’t want to make any marks on the new paint.

Hanging posters without damaging walls

Keeping your walls undamaged when hanging posters is a priority for most people.

Image: Unsplash

Many methods like nailing, tacking, bluetack or using sticky adhesives can cause damage to the underlying paint, or wallpaper.

If you own your own home and are ok with marking the walls then you can pretty much do whatever you want.

If you don’t own the property you will need to take care. The walls will likely be inspected at some stage.

Recommended tapes for general poster hanging

One method that I have used, with a good degree of success, is a tape like scotch magic tape.

This economically priced tape will generally provide enough stickiness to attach the poster, but not so much so that it would destroy the surface underneath.

Scotch Magic Tape

Make sure you clean the surface before using the tape, otherwise it may be a challenge to get a strong enough adhesiveness.

Heavy duty tape

If what you are hanging is too heavy for a light weight tape you can use a heavier duty mounting tape. Be warned this may cause damage to the wall when removed.

If you need something strong you can’t go past Gorilla Mounting tape.

Other alternative methods

If you are looking to hang something a bit more substantial than a poster, and don’t want to cause any damage there are some great damage-free wall hangers that you can buy from Amazon.

3M Large Utility Hooks, Decorate Damage Free, Easy On, Easy Off

As always remember to carefully clean the area first to ensure that you don’t have any problems with adhesion due to dirt or moisture.

Do you have any favorite methods for hanging posters or pictures?

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