What Kind of Tape is Best for Buddy Taping Toes?

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If you have ever wondered what kind of tape is the best for buddy taping your toes then you will pleased with a quick and simple answer.

The answer is Coban Tape.

Why is Coban Tape the best for Buddy Taping?

If you have ever broken a finger or toe, you will know how tender the skin can be to the touch.

The best thing about Coban Tape is that it doesn’t stick to anything except itself.

That’s right, it doesn’t stick to the skin.

buddy taping toes
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Also remember we are not medical experts, so please consult yours before even attempting any of the recommendations from this article or corresponding videos.

To buddy tape your toes:

Firstly imagine your toes are numbered from 1 to 5 with 1 being your big toe and 5 being your little pinky toe.

  1. Tape toe number 2 to toe number 3
  2. Tape toe number 3 to toe number 4
  3. Toe number 4 can be taped to toe number 5
  4. Toe number 5 can maybe be taped to toe number 4
  5. Toe number 4 can be taped to toe number 3
  6. Toe number 3 can be taped to toe number 2

Stay away from the big toe!

Words of warning:

  • You can’t buddy tape your big toe – so don’t even try
  • If you have diabetes this treatment option is not for you
  • If you have peripheral arterial disease then don’t follow this advice

At the end of the day if you are buddy taping your toes or your fingers make sure you are following the advice of a medical professional.

We wish you all the best as you buddy tape up your toes or fingers.

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  1. thanks for this, I just badly bruised my toe and now, thanks to you, I know exactly how to tape it up and what kind of tape to use. Very valuable stuff guys.

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