What Kind of Tape is Best for a Violin Fingerboard?

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One way of helping violin students learn where to place their fingers on the violin keyboard is by placing thin strips of tape as a guide. Violin fingerboard tape can be purchased online and we have some links to the best sources a little further down in the article.

You can also purchase from your local music store.

Unlike a guitar, violins don’t have any markers on the fingerboard to help guide finger placement. Because of this, and the difficulty for beginners of learning where to place their fingers, the practice of using tape has become very popular.

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The best kinds of tape to use for finger placement are:

The above tapes are not expensive and are very popular.

Where should violin fingering tape be placed?

The tape is normally used to for the regular first finger, high second, third and fourth fingers. You can read more about this on violin online.

Important note: Make sure your violin is in tune before placing tapes!

The best idea to figure out how to place the tape is to buy a tuner:

Then follow the tutorial below.

Mastering the violin

Learning to play the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. It can take years to be able to produce tones that are easy on the ear, and decades to become a true concerto.

Raf Young, a former string instrument tutor says:

“Go slowly, learn things properly, really understand what you’re doing and why, rather than mimic what someone else is doing, learn how it’s supposed to feel and sound, not look, and every skill you lay down will be a solid foundation for the next, all the way up.”

By using techniques such as the fingerpad tape and having a tuner you can make the progression from student to master a lot easier, and faster as well.

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