Wedding Diaries: All the Tape you will Need (What to use for What)

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Wedding days can be chaotic.

With people running behind schedule, and all manner of components that need to flow together, this special day is usually filled with numerous challenges.

However, if you’re calm enough, none of these will feel like the biggest hurdle of your life.

Since you want everything to scream elegance and beauty at the same time, every little thing counts. But to make the most of your venue as well as your decorations, it’s important to use less for more.

wedding tape diaries
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What this calls for is the smartest way to get the desired effect. And the best way to do this is, you guessed it, with tape!

There are far too many different kinds to choose from, and each of them has it’s own set of benefits. Here are the 3 must-have wedding tapes to keep ready so that you’re always prepared on your awesome day:

1. Tempting Touch: Washi Tape

This incredible Japanese paper tape might look delicate, but definitely isn’t. Made using natural fibers, it can stick to everything and anything without a hitch. Moreover, it doesn’t leave behind much of a residue either, making it perfect for any surface.

Oh, and did we mention that it is also available in an incredible range of colors, designs, and patterns that are to die for?

This tape is the little superhero that not only saves the wedding day, but also looks chic in the process. In fact, it has multiple DIY uses to add a dash of wonder to your wedding. And if you’re wondering what these are – just enter ‘Washi Tape’ on Pinterest.

Your mouth will be left hanging open by the end of it. With ideas you just can’t wait to try out, this is the perfect solution for the perfect day.

wedding tape 2
Image: flickr

Off the top of our heads, here is where Washi Tape will prove it’s usefulness:

  • with wedding decor items (ceramic pots and vases)
  • creating table decor items (you can make some beautiful washi tape feathers!)
  • All Over the Wedding Tags to add a little bit of pizzazz
  • on adorable DIY napkin rings
  • on Gift bags
  • and in those Invitation Cards of yours!

If you think this list sounds ridiculous, check of the various designs the tape comes in. Now imagine masking tape (because that’s what it is most similar too) coming in all those patterns.
So with all the advantages of masking tape, this gorgeous roll is the best companion to help you our with that incredible day.

Ideal for last minute prep, if you have a little time on your hands, no one can blame you for using it all over the place as well!

2. A Decorator’s Dream: [easyazon_link identifier=”B00A1SQAY6″ locale=”US” tag=”tapeauth-20″]Flagging Tape[/easyazon_link]

While ribbons look magical in any venue, they can also burn a small hole in your pocket. So if you want that charm without the added hassle, just look to flagging tapes for inspiration.
Don’t know what these are? We’re sure you’ve seen them around – they’re always put up at construction sites and more.

But now, they’re also available in an exquisite range of colors (at affordable prices!)

So here are some of it’s benefits:

  • highly durable
  • high adhesive grip
  • multiple colors
  • and inexpensive

Add to this the perfect crafting skills as well as ingenious ideas, and the possibilities are endless. Not only could you use these as streamers, but they can also be made into some awesome looking tassels and ribbon replacements (among other things!)

3. The Infallible Hero: Duct Tape

But even as all the other tapes are primarily there to look pretty, you need someone to do all the dirty work.

So don’t skimp out on using all that Washi and Flagging tape – but also remember to pack some handy rolls of duct tape along. This awesome tape is perfect for the realistic side of weddings. Not only is it durable and awesome, but its inexpensive pricing is easily manageable within your wedding budget.

So when it comes to all that behind the scenes work, here is your solution. It is a quick fix for any place that won’t show. From righting broken tables to gluing the ribbons on top of the car – it can handle anything. However, if it is going to show, always remember to use a shade that matches the wedding colors.

But if you want to be just a little more thorough, you could always cover these up with a quick snippet of Washi tape instead. All those beautiful patterns will never fail to mesmerize your guests anyway!

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