Hair Removal With Duct Tape? The Painful Truth

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Duct tape is one of mans greatest inventions.

Back hair is one of mankind’s most undesirable features.

Most women don’t mind a bit of a chest jungle to snuggle into. Some also don’t mind a hairy back, whilst others will be turned off if you look too much like a Gorilla.

So the question is can duct tape be used to rid a man of his unwanted primate coat?

wax chest duct tape

Using Duct Tape as a Waxing Alternative

It seems an obvious question. Can you avoid a painful wax by using duct tape?

The reality is that using duct tape to remove chest or back hair is also very painful.

Also, it doesn’t do as good a job of removing the hair.

Waxing is without a doubt the best way to remove body hair. You can buy some great Home Waxing Kits and if you want our advice definitely do that instead of heading down the Macgyver way of thinking.

If you insist on giving it a try with duct tape, make sure you start with a small area – don’t be like this guy and tape up your whole body.

The Duct Tape Challenge – Brazilian wax alternative

What others say about using duct tape instead of wax:

Go for it but it will cause you a lot of pain. Plus it will grow back thicker and maybe faster. My idiot brother did this and that happened to him. Good Luck if you try this.

NOOOOOOOO! Duct tape will REALLY pull your skin. Don’t even try it.

Ref: Yahoo answers

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and it is likely that if your mind is set on taping on that duct tape and attempting to remove the layer that mother nature bestowed you with, then nothing is going to stop you.

Removing my chest hair with duct tape

Do us a favor though, please record the process and send us the video!

Image: Flickr

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