Washi Tape

What is Washi Tape

The word Washi can be loosely translated to Japanese paper.

The best way to describe the tape would be to say that it is a very pretty version of masking tape, normally made out of natural fibers.

What is Washi Tape Good For

Some popular uses include:

  • Great for crafts – you can decorate almost anything
  • Adding a pretty touch to an envelope
  • Planners
  • Wrapping presents

Not Recommended For

  • Don’t use for simple things that you could use basic tape for as it is more expensive

Insider Tips

10 Ways to Use Washi Tape

Some great tips here

How to make it stick?

Some folks have reported to us that they have had issues getting the tape to stick. This normally appears to be related to the brand of washi tape they are using.

If you use the wrapables tape, linked to on this review, you shouldn’t have any problems with stickiness.