Cool Washi Tape Project Ideas That Are Fun And Easy To Make

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Cool Things to do with Washi Tape

The first DIY that we have for you is one that many people use all over the internet.

Washi Tape Photo Cards

Difficulty: 3/5

Things you will need:

  • A nice photo
  • A plain card or white cardboard
  • A rectangular label or small piece of cardboard
  • Any colour washi tape
  • Glue Stick
  • Blue tack
  • A nice quote put onto a label then cut to shape
  • Finally a pen to write inside the card

washi tape card
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  1. The first step is glue the photo on to the white card
  2. The second step is to get your quote, cut a small triangle at the end of the label, and use the blue tack to stick it down onto the picture. (note: you can stick the quote wherever you want as long as it looks good at the end.)
  3. The third step is to stick the washi tape diagonally on each corner to add effect
  4. Finally take the pen and inside the card write a nice note and sign off from yourself and your finished

finished washi card

Spooky Pencil Holder

Difficulty: 2/5
The second washi tape diy we have for you is a spooky pencil holder.

What you will need:

  • [washi tape
  • A pencil holder
  • Lastly a pair of scissors

This one is a very easy, all you need to do is get a pencil holder, in a pattern wrap the spooky tape evenly around and wala your done.

washi tape pencil holder
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That was 2 cool DIYs that you can do at home with washi tape but there are more cool things that I am going to share with you in this article.

Pimping Out Your Computer With Washi Tape

One of the coolest things, in my opinion, is pimping my computer with washi tape, so this is very easy and all you need is some transparent washi tape, scissors and lastly a keyboard to put the washi tape on.

Cut out the washi tape to the size of your keyboard and from there all you do is stick the washi tape wherever you want on your keyboard.

Note: If you have a laptop you can also pimp that out by measuring the outer frame of your laptop screen then just stick washi tape around it to make it look amazing.

For this next cool diy thing I found all you need is headphones or a charger and of course some washi tape of your choice.

Earphones Untangler

OK so this is also kind of a life hack because it makes it almost impossible to tangle your earphones.

Start off cutting around 1 inch of washi tape for each of your colours and wrap it around the earbuds or charger, if you want the washi tape to make your earbuds untangle then wrap washi tape around the whole thing.

History of Washi Tape

Now that we have covered washi tape DIYs why don’t we cover one last thing and that is what washi tape was originally made for.

Washi tape was named after a type of transparent paper from Japan named washi. It can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice and lastly wheat.

It is used for many types of art including origami and sometimes fancy napkins.

Washi is also normally a bit tougher than normal paper because it is made up of all-natural fibers that have been threaded or compressed together.

The inventor of washi tape was taking traditional Japanese art to the next level by turning it into a colorful tape.

Washi tape was invented in 2006 and right from day one it went crazy on the internet.

What are you going to make with Washi Tape?

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