How To Use Gaffer Tape To Tape Your Breasts

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Gaffer tape can be used to create gravity defying breasts. If you have a low cut, or shoulder less dress, this technique can work wonders.

Kim Kardashian was one of the first to promote this amazing technique.

In this article we will explain the basic principles so you can try it as well.

Sometimes you can’t wear a strapless bra, and you can’t wear a sticky bra. This is when it’s time to tape things up.

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What you need to gaffer tape your breasts

You are going to need:

How to gaffer tape your boobs

  1. Cut two or three pieces of tape around 12 inches long for each boob
  2. Cup your boob from the bottom and apply the tape, then carry it over the back of your shoulder. Do this for each piece of tape

That really is it, now you can wear your low cut shirt or dress and your boobs will look amazing!

How to remove gaffer tape

Taping up your breasts is a great idea, but how do you remove the tape without pain?

There are a couple of ways to remove it:

  • You can apply a wash cloth with warm water around the edges
  • You can use baby oil to wipe over the sides of the tape

Hopefully, the tape will soften up and remove without too much pain or damage to your skin.

Do you have any tips for that can help?

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