What Tape is Used for Golf Grips?

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One of the most ignored parts of a golf club is the grip.

Even though we don’t think about it much, the grip is one of the most important parts of a club. If your grips need replacing there is no doubt that your swing will be affected.

When it comes to regripping your Golf Clubs there there is a tried and proven method of doing so.

Over time grips will wear out. Having fresh grips can make a marked improvement on your game.

Here is a brief explanation of the steps required to regrip a club:

  1. Secure shaft in Vice and cut off old grip
  2. Add tape
  3. Apply solvent
  4. Apply new grip

For a full explanation check out the video at the bottom of this article.

You need a few things to get started:

Vice with rubber clamps

When you are regripping your golf clubs you need a vice to firmly hold the shaft in place. These can range from around 5 or 6 dollars up to 100 dollars or more.

This Rubber Vice clamp by the Wedge guys will do the job for just a few dollars.

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Getting the right tape for regripping your golf clubs is important.

You need doublesided tape and if you are planning on using water, make sure it is water soluble as well.

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If you are using a water soluble tape you can just use water.

Otherwise you can use mineral spirits like or you can buy a solvent.

As far as solvents go if you are looking for something non-toxic and non-flammable HF100 is a good option.

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How To Video of Regripping Your Golf Clubs

Unless you are looking for an excuse for a bad game of golf, make sure you get your grips replaced regularly.

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  1. Nice article, I regrip all of my clubs about every 18 months and the difference in club feel immediately after replacing them is so noticeable! It might be some sort of placebo effect but I typically take ~3 shots off my game when I’ve got brand new crosslines on my clubs

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