PTFE Tape Product Description

PTFE Tape, also know as thread tape or plumbers tape is a polytetrafluoroethylene film that is primarily used on the threads of pipes to ensure that they seal properly.

What is PTFE Tape Good For

Some popular uses include:

  • The thread of pipes
  • Stretching of earlobes

Not Recommended For

  • Anything that requires an adhesive (it’s not sticky)

Insider Tips

  • It’s easiest to cut with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife, rather than with your hands
  • Make sure you apply the tape the correct way, so it doesn’t unwind when you screw in the thread. (check out the quick 2 minute video below)

Common Questions and Answers

How To Use PFTE Tape?

As always it’s a lot easier to show than explain.

Is the Tape Waterproof?

Yes it is, which is the main reason it is a very successful product with plumbers.