Best Tips for Using and Buying Painters Tape

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Painting edges can often be a challenge.

Even if you are super careful and use painters tape, there is still the possibility of overrun or leakage through the tape.

Having even a little bit of overpaint can ruin the effect of a paint job.

Which tape is the best to use?

Frog tape is widely considered the number one when it comes to painters tape.

It may cost a little more than some of the cheaper tapes, but it is certainly worth the extra.

FrogTape Delicate Surface Painting Tape, 1.88 in. x 60 yd. Roll, Yellow (280222)

What tips can help when using painters tape?

  • Where possible don’t paint up, but down so you’re not pushing paint under the tape. Press the edges down hard and don’t overload the brush with paint.
  • Buy fresh rolls, the ones sitting around the house tend to lose their usefulness over time, regardless of the colour
  • Put the tape in the sun or somewhere warm before use. Makes the tape easier to use and the glue seems to stick better
  • Make sure your painters’ tape is pressed firmly to the wall, if there’s gaps it will leak.
  • Press the edge down with the back of a spoon.
  • Use the normal stuff and remove while paint is wet. Do not paint over the mqsking tape, or it will run under. Masking tape is to help but is not a cure-all.
  • Cut in up to it with a not too loaded cutting in brush. Close to dry. Second coat cut in 2 mm away from original cutting in.

As you can see using painters tape sounds easy but there is actually a lot that you need to think about.

Learn from our professionals and by following the tips above you can ensure you have the straight clean edges that you wanted.

Do you have any painters tape tips you would like to share?

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