Micropore Tape – What is it and where to buy?

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Micropore Tape is surgical tape that is affordable and sticks well to the skin.

Despite its adhesvise qualities it leaves little residue after removing.

What is micropore tape made out of ?

This useful tape is made out of microporous material which is a material that contains pores.

Check the brand you are purchasing however generally this type of tape is latex free and hypoallergenic.

What is it mainly used for?

The tape is used for general-purpose surgical taping and is ideal for elderly patients as well as those with sensitive skin.

If you have the kind of skin that gets easily irritated by tapes this tape could be perfect for you. If you enjoy running but don’t enjoy the pain of nipple burn you can also use it to tape your nipples.

You can also use this tape for taping your mouth closed at night if you have problems with mouth breathing.

Some people use this for crafting, e.g to temporarily hold items in place before glueing and that sort of thing.

Is micropore tape waterproof?

This is not the kind of tape that will stay on in the shower and even if it does you will need to change it afterward. So best not to use under wet conditions. It can, however, be attached to damp skin.

Where to buy Micropore Tape?

The best place to buy this tape is online from outlets like Amazon.

3M Micropore Tape 1350-1 (2 rolls) 1 x 10 yards

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