What Kind of Tape Sticks to Brick?

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Are you wondering what type of tape is the best to use on brick?

It’s one of the questions we get asked all the time.

The answer is simple, the stickiest most durable tape to use on brick is Gorilla Tape.

One thing that is key to any kind of tape sticking to any surface is preperation. You can’t expect any tape to adhere to wet muddy brick for example. The surface needs to be in a good state.

what kind of tape sticks to brick
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Why is Gorilla Tape the best for brick?

Gorilla Tape has a super sticky double-adhesive that is ideal for sticking to uneven surfaces like brick and concrete.

It’s water and UV resistant and is the next level up from the good old Duct Tape.

The best thing about Gorilla tape is the fact that even though it is so strong, you can still tear it by hand.

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Does Duct Tape Stick to Brick?

If you don’t have any gorilla tape and were wondering whether duct tape would also work well you are in luck.

The next best thing to Gorilla tape for brick is High Performance Duct Tape. It depends on the surface quality of the brick that is being stuck to but duct tape can do a pretty good job as well.

Here’s the thing…

It will really depend on exactly what you are trying to do, and how strong the tape needs to be.

Have you used Gorilla Tape before? Let us know how it works out for you.

6 Comments on “What Kind of Tape Sticks to Brick?”

    1. Suspect how well any tape works would depend on the weather and the condition of the brick. If it rained in the last few days or the brick is wet probably not going to work. However, if the weather has been dry for a few days and you are working on the sunny side of a building you would probably have better luck. Brick is also supposed to be sealed to keep moisture out of it. Some sealers have silicone in them and that may affect the ability of the tape to stick to the brick.

  1. I have tried Duct Tape Gorilla Tape and caulking to try and seal around basement windows. Nothing works. Gorilla tape will stick for a couple days but will pull away. There is no moisture in my basement. they are cinder block bricks painted for home foundation. I cannot find anything that will work. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

  2. I just contacted Gorilla Tape before visiting this site. I need to cover up a bad fireplace with plastic and was sold the Clear Gorilla Tape by Lowe’s. Fortunately just before I started to do the job I phoned Gorilla Tape Customer Service 800 966 – 3458 and was advised DEFINITELY DO NOT USE THEIR BRANDS OF TAPE for this project unless it was going to be for a permanent application. Problem is the adhesive left behind will be almost impossible to remove once the tape is removed is what the rep told me.

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