Is Duct Tape Safe for Aquariums? (and Fish)

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It can be tempting to repair an aquarium with Duct tape.

Although it may seem like a quick fix, the real question is.. how will affect the fish living in that aquarium?

The short answer is no you should not use duct tape in, or around your aquarium. You are better off using an [easyazon_link identifier=”B012NOVTD2″ locale=”US” tag=”tapeauth-20″]aquarium silicone gel[/easyazon_link].

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How does Duct Tape Affect Fish

Here’s the thing, there have not been any actual studies done showing how duct tape will hurt fish however duct tape does contain chemicals common to most adhesives.

Any leakage of these chemicals into your tank water could pose a risk to the life within it. It is important to keep your tank water as pure as possible.

The other problem with duct tape is that it is not permanent. Eventually it’s going to come unstuck.

There are plenty of great duct tape projects out there. An aquarium is not one of them.

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