How To Tape Your Groin With KT Tape (And Where to Buy it)

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There are certain sports that are notorious for groin strains. For myself it is softball. For others, it can be soccer, hockey or football.

The times that I have injured my groin it is when I haven’t warmed up properly and don’t hit it very well.

I have to sprint like anything to try to make it to first base and some part of my groin cannot survive through that burst of energy without getting hurt.

What exactly is a groin strain?

A groin strain can happen in sports, or other activities, where sudden movement or change of direction happens.

If you have pain along the inner thigh and especially right where the muscle connects to the pelvic bone it is possible that you have a groin strain.

To confirm this though we recommend that you see a health professional.

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It is caused by a tear or rupture to one of the adductor muscles.

For immediate relief for a groin strain it is a good idea to ice the area.

There are three different grades of a groin strain:

  • Grade 1 – This is where you can walk ok, but doing anything more like running or jumping can become painful. Up to 5% of the muscle fibers are damaged.
  • Grade 2 – It may be difficult to close your thighs, will be painful to walk. A significant tear of the muscle fibers.
  • Grade 3 – This is a nasty tear that goes through most or all of the muscle or tendon. This usually causes a sudden, severe pain at the time when it happens, and using the injured muscle at will be painful. There is often noticeable bruising and swelling. You may even be able to feel significant damage to the muscle at the area of the injury.

What kind of tape to use for a groin strain?

The best tape to use for a groin strain is KT tape.

Just because you have taped it up and it feels better, does not mean you should be running around. Plenty of rest is needed if you want to make a full recovery.

How to tape your groin with KT Tape

KT Tape can help to treat a groin strain by providing support and stability to the muscles.

  • Tear off one piece of tape (approx 10-12 inches long) and create an anchor point
  • Place anchor point as high up on the inside tendon as possible
  • With the leg lightly stretched outwards apply the tape along the length of the inner thigh
  • Apply two to three lengths of tape across the muscles

The best idea is to watch this KT Tape groin video as it much easier to explain with a demonstration compared to written instructions.

If you have a groin strain remember to give it plenty of rest. Don’t return to sport too soon as it can take several weeks to repair properly.

Make sure you see your medical professional for advice prior to any kind of treatment.

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