How to Tape Up a Broken Car Window

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Having any car issue is annoying, an unexpected broken car window is no exception.

You really need to be careful when trying to fix a broken window. The best option is to call a professional and either get your car towed to their premises or get hold of someone that can come to you.

With that being said.. if it is only a small side window you may be able to make a temporary repair. This will help you get your vehicle in a reasonable state to take to the glass shop.

A tape repair will keep out the rain and moisture, but it won’t stop a burglar if someone is intent on breaking into your car.

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How to Repair A Broken Car Window

You need to be careful with that tape that you use for this. Obviously Duct tape is out of the question.

The best tape to use for fixing a broken car window is clear packing tape.

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape, Clear

Steps to carry out a repair

  • Firstly remove all the glass and clear away the debris. If you have a commercial vacuum cleaner use this around the floor and seats where the glass debris has fallen
  • On the inside of the window (don’t do this on the outside as it can ruin your paint) wipe down the area around your window where the tape will be applied.
  • Start by taping clear packing tape from one corner to the opposite corner with most of the tape on the frame of the car, but a slim layer over the missing gap
  • Now one layer at a time lie strips of tape parallel and overlapping slightly until you have filled the gap and created your tape window.

A repair like this is only temporary but works much better than cardboard. If you are desperate you could use cardboard however it won’t be as resistant to the weather as tape will be.

The aim is to get mobile so you can get to a professional repairer as soon as possible.

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