How to Tape a Hockey Stick – The Ultimate Guide

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If you enjoy playing hockey and don’t want to spend money on a new stick the best thing to do is make your current one last longer. You can achieve this by learning how to tape a hockey stick.

If you’re still confused about what this means, look at the other players around you.

Most hockey players will have taped their stick up because, let’s face it, spending a ton on new sticks every now and then can be a little hard on your wallet.

Instead, by taping it, not only will you improve the resistance and grip of your stick, but it will also remain as good as new for a lot longer!

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What Do You Need to Tape up that Stick?

Walk into the nearest sports store, or use your keyboard to head over to Amazon and you can buy a black and white roll of hockey tape. Couple this with scissors, and you’re ready to get started.

Caution: Don’t mess around with that scissors, those sharp edges can really poke an eye out – and then you can say goodbye to hockey forever!

Step 1: Planning how to tape a hockey stick:

The white tape usually goes on the grip as the color won’t be coming off on your gloves. On the other hand, the more durable black tape is ideal for the blade.

Now you need to decide how long you’d like the grip to be, and that’s it – let’s get started!

Step 2: Taping the Absolute End

Once you’ve planned it all out, take up the white tape and you’re ready to roll!

Unroll a piece of that hockey tape – but don’t cut it. Once it’s about 2 feet in length, roll it up so that it looks something like a rope. Make sure the roll won’t come undone, and then take up that stick of yours.

Now make three circles along the very top edge of the stick, and there’s your handle! You can make some more circles if you’d like the handle to be bigger as well. But if this is the case, you will be needing a longer roll of tape, so plan beforehand.

Step 3: Taping the Grip

Once that’s done, it’s time to make the grip.

Since the rolled up tape is still connected to the circle you just made, take this and roll out the grip.

Going downwards, angle the tape at 45 degrees and make three circles. If you’d like the grip to be longer, go ahead and make some more revolutions around the handle.

Step 4: Covering it Up

If you have any excess rolled up tape still there, cut it off from the main roll and you’re ready to tape up the grip.

Now, with the white hockey tape, you need to roll out another 8 inches or so and snip it off. Place the center of this towards the very top and flatten it out so that the tape covers the two opposite ends of the stick.

Repeat it but in the other direction so that it creates the impression of a ‘+’ at the top. This way, all four sides of the hockey stick should be covered up completely.

Step 5: Finishing the Handle

Once you’d tape the grips up, it’s time to complete the handle. So begin at the very top with some unrolled white hockey tape.

Don’t cut it off the roll just yet, but instead, begin sticking it on top of the grip. After the very first revolution which should be made parallel to the ground when the stick it standing tall, start angling the tape downwards.

It should be done such that the next revolution covers half of the previous revolution with every turn. This will give you the greatest grip.

Once the grip is covered you’re almost done. Now angle that roll of tape parallel to the ground once more and tape up that final round. With a clean straight finish, you’re done, so just snip away the rest of the tape.

Step 6: Time for the Blade

Push away the white; it’s time for the black tape. Now roll out some six inches of this and place it at the very bottom of your blade.

Make sure that it’s placed in the center and not towards one side more than the other. However, no need to whip out a ruler and measure it perfectly into place.

Step 7: Rolling it Up

Now take the black tape, and don’t clip it from the roll just yet, You can begin from the heel of the blade.

Place it here and ensure the first revolution if made perfectly perpendicular to the ground when the tape is standing tall. Now angle that roll towards the toe and begin covering it up.

Ensure that it overlaps with the previous tape throughout.Once you reach the toe of the stick, you can straighten out the roll and finish it up like you did the handle.

And with that you now know how to tape a hockey stick. You’re ready for the next game!

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