Hot Melt Shipping Tape

Hot Melt Shipping Tape Product Description

This Scotch heavy duty packaging tape is designed to be strong, durable and sticky. If you want something packaged and shipped and need to know the tapes going to hold together this is the stuff you want to buy.

This tape meets US Postal Service regulations.

Tapes like this have a higher holding power on mosts surfaces compared to traditional adhesives.

When shipping parcels from one place to another, you need to have peace of mind knowing that it is packaged up securely.

What is Hot Melt Shipping tape good for

Some popular uses include:

  • Packaging of parcels
  • Joining boxes together
  • Production/assembly lines due to quick setting time

Not Recommended For

  • Frozen or very low temperature storage


Do I need to apply heat when using this tape?

No you don’t.