How To Get Tape Residue Off Skin – Without Pain

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If you are wondering how to get tape residue off skin then you have come to the right place. In this article we will show you a number of different methods.

Tapes can be an icky business, especially once they are off. They frequently leave behind a sticky, goopy residue on the skin which, apart from being unappealing, also causes you to itch.

A common mistake here is to rub it with plain water. This just irritates your skin further and may leave behind a red patch in addition to the residue.

But hand soap isn’t the solution either. It may look alright when it’s under the tap, but as you dry out your skin – there it is, as sticky as ever!

Since irritating your skin isn’t the best solution – and can be pretty painful too – let us look at some other alternatives you can make use of.

You will need some cooking oil, dish washing soap, and nail polish remover.

But if you don’t have these or are allergic to some, there are some alternatives listed below as well.

How To Get Tape Residue Off Skin

How To Remove Tape Residue

Step 1:

Since cooking oil is known to soften adhesives, this may be a good place to start. Add some of it to a cotton ball, and squeeze out any excess.

Gently dab it on to the affected area and then rub it back and forth.

Not only would this loosen the residue, but would also probably break it off. However, this isn’t all, so don’t panic if everything doesn’t come out just yet.

Step 2:

Now pick up a clean washcloth and put two drops of dishwashing detergent on it. Run it under some warm water and place it on the affected area. Leave it there for a good minute so that it too can work its magic.

Step 3:

Once this is done, you can rub it a little on the skin to remove the stickiness as well as the oil. After this, use some water to wipe off any remnants of the dish washing soap. Dry it off by patting with a towel – rubbing it vigorously will just increase the irritation.

Step 4:

Adhesive residues are stubborn, so chances are, you still have some clinging onto your skin. Now you can pick up that bottle of nail polish remover and add some to a cotton ball. Rub this onto the affected area and it will work like a charm.

Step 5:

Follow this with a quick wash using detergent and some water and you’ve got yourself some clean, non-sticky skin.

Step 6:

Due to all the harsh chemicals your skin has been subjected to, it is best to wash it with some nice warm water and regular soap for a change. Pat it dry once more and pamper it with some good moisturizing lotion. This will prevent it from hardening up, and will also possibly make it smoother!

Alternative Methods:


If you have some open cuts in the area, you may want to consider alternative methods. Ice is the safest, and would prevent infecting the area or causing any irritation. After all, the chemicals from all the substances mentioned above could cause some unfortunate burning.

Make Up Remover:

But if this is not the case, and your skin is just very irritated, then some eye make up remover might just do the trick. These are sensitive enough to be used around the eyes, yet strong enough to remove mascara, eyeliner and the likes without any hassle.

Rubbing Alcohol:

Chances are, you may not always have eye make up remover, or even nail polish remover, lying around. In this situation, you can use rubbing alcohol instead. Rub it on the affected area using cloth or cotton. Do so in small circular motions for a while and then wash. Repeat this until all the adhesive is off.


If not this, then another solution is to use shampoo. You will definitely have this nearby, and all you need to do is put a good amount on the affected area.

Cover it using a wet cloth, and just forget about it for the next ten minutes. Once the timer is up, rub the skin with a damp cloth and watch the residue slide off. Unlike the other methods, this one takes time, but it is effective in the end.

Petroleum Jelly:

If, god forbid, you are out of everything including shampoo – which you might want to consider buying asap, even if not to get the adhesive residue off – there are still other options.

You must have some petroleum jelly in you cupboards somewhere, because almost everyone does.

This is perfectly safe and can be used in the area around your eyes as well, if that’s where the tape residue is.

Smear a good amount onto the region, and after about 30 minutes, rub it in until the residue breaks down. Rinse it off with a damp cloth and repeat the entire process until you have stick-free skin once more. Granted this may take a while, but it gets the job done!

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    1. im am currently at school and a mate of mine was being an arse and put ducktape over my mouth and now my face is sticky
      and i dont have acsess to any of the things you listed

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