Frog Tape

Frog Tape Product Description

This tape is specifically designed to stop paint leaking through onto the edges of your paintwork.

Masking tape is notoriously bad for getting paint leakage under and beneath the tape and this is exactly why you should use frog tape instead.

There is nothing worse than a paint job that is made to look second rate and amateur because of the lack of crisp straight lines.

The tape comes in three different types, multipurpose (green), delicate (yellow) and textured surface (orange).

What is Frog Tape Good For?

  • Interior painting

Not Recommended For

  • Porous surfaces

Insider Tips

  • Don’t rush, normally you will find that those that didn’t get a good result with this tape rushed into it.
  • Texture and cleanliness will really affect the outcome with any painting tape so take your time and do the preparation work thoroughly.

As long as you apply the tape properly, you won’t be disappointed.

Common Questions and Answers

When to Remove Frog Tape After Painting?

It is recommended to remove the tape as soon as you have finished painting.

Using Frog Tape on Textured Surfaces and Walls

Make sure you get the right kind, if you purchase [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EVMYIC4″ locale=”US” tag=”tapeauth-20″]frog tape for textured surfaces[/easyazon_link] it comes with an applicator as well, to help ensure maximum adhesion to textured surfaces.

Watch the video below as well, to get tips on exactly how to apply.

Does Frog Tape Work?

Watch as the tape is put through its paces, on Does It Work Wednesday.