Facelift Tape – Where to Buy and How to Apply

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Instant facelift tape can help you improve the way your face looks by eliminating the wrinkles that may appear.

It makes you look younger and helps brighten up your face.

Who uses instant facelift tape?

Instant facelift tape is popular among women because of its light weight approach to removing wrinkles and restoring a more youthful look.

Face lifting tape is known to be simple and effective. It is also affordable.

It removes the need for chemical and surgical approaches towards improving looks.

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How it works

The tape utilizes a simple physical process to keep the face looking young and appealing.

The tape stretches the skin and holds the excess at the back where it is not visible. Face lifting tape simply stretches out the wrinkles to remove any blemishes and this stretching process improves the color and texture of the skin.

How it is applied

The results that you get depend on the tape that you have and how you use it.

Many of the negative reviews regarding the use of this type of tape is often as a result of poor application. Application of the tape involves a series of steps that must be strictly followed.

  1. Wash your face with an oil-free wash. Oil is not good for the process because it will prevent the tape’s grip on the skin. You have to ensure that your face is dry before applying the tape.
  2. The second step is identifying the location within your face where you want to apply the tape. The location should be hidden and near the edges of your skin. Once you have identified the location, you gather your loose skin and pull the skin towards this area.
  3. The ideal location to have your skin gathered are closer to your hairline and above your ears.
  4. Once everything is set, you will apply the tape and press it firmly. The tape comes with a string that should be attached around the back of the head to hide it under the hair.
  5. The process will be followed by attaching the other side of the transparent tape to the opposite side of the skin that is to be stretched.
  6. The final step of the process involves styling your hair to keep the tape hidden. The beauty of the approach is that it conceals the tape to disguise viewers on the source of the facelift.

The best instant facelift tape

There are a variety of facelifts in the market. We believe that one of the best tapes is Secret Lift facelift. It is a product by Cosmesearch that can be used to lift not just the face but the neck also. This facelift ranks highly because it completely conceals itself from view. You can get it in different colors to blend with the hair that you have.

Instant Face, Neck and Eye Lift

Bring it Up is another instant face and neck lift tape you could consider. This solution is simple yet effective. It is unobtrusive and is attached at the neck and forehead to keep away loose skin. The solution prides itself on tightening and toning the user’s neckline.

Bring It Up! Instant Face Lift! 16 pr

It is important to follow the instructions and apply the tape strictly as directed. You can buy these products from Amazon

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