Electrical Tape Art – Artistic Side of Tape That Will Amaze

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Yes, you read that right – tape isn’t just for sticking and fixing, it has an arty side as well.

So while most people fish it out to put up those adorable photographs or even fix old remote controls that have the batteries falling out, there are some who have exploited it in an entirely different way.

And that’s where the creative side of electrical tape art steps in. After all, its durable and adhesive properties can be put to some great use – if only you figure out how.

So here, we’re talking about surpassing the conventional boundaries into something utterly incredible.

Electrical Tape is one of the most common items present in almost every household.

While it has applications in mundane tasks like securing exposed electric wires, this isn’t all.

Imagine combining its practical uses with creativity and imagination. What you get is simply an explosion of awesomeness.

It’s no wonder that it is now being actively used in wall art as well as body art!

electrical tape art
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Electric Tape Wall Art:

This is one of the best ways of bringing those boring old walls to life.

Do you remember the feeling of a freshly painted wall? Well, you can get that again, but without that nauseating paint smell.

While there are many different designs you can use (put your imagination to a test), one of the simplest ways is by using electric tape and colored acetate.

  • Step 1: Before you dive into sticking the tape, you need to be able to envision your creation.

    So make a rough sketch of the geometric shapes you want and their placement on the wall.

    If you are inspired by something on the internet, make sure you have the picture handy to guide you through it all.

    Overlapping shapes look artistic and add some solid shapes to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect design.

  • Step 2: It isn’t as easy as just putting on the tape. Use a pencil to mark out how the tape will be placed to avoid silly mistakes.

    After all, if there is one downside to electric tape, it’s the stickiness.

    You don’t want to press it down firmly only to realize that you stuck it in the wrong spot!

  • Step 3: Now that all the planning is done, let’s get sticking! If you’re going for a geometric design, some of those shapes can even be made solid as well – courtesy, the colored acetate. So place it on, and press it firmly into place.

What you’ve got is a gorgeous looking wall that’s going to leave all your guests in awe!

This is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways of revamping your dull walls to give them an appealing modern look.

The simple designs can be done in under an hour, saving you plenty of time and expense.

However, if you’d like to go for something a little more complicated, that can be done too.

Just surf the internet and let your imagination soar.

Electric Tape Body Art:

While there are those who enjoy decorating the walls, some have taken to body art to create an entirely different use of tape.

This is a great way of exploring fashion, and has gained tremendous popularity – as is seen in the Black Tape Project.

electrical tape body art

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With varied and intricate designs done upon models, electric tape fashion is limitless.

It has been covered by FHM magazine and has matured into an incredible artistic movement today.

With multiple popular collaborations, it has transpired into a global phenomenon.

It is definitely delicate work and requires plenty of patience. So if you’re planning on trying that out at home, there are some things you need to remember.

Advice for the Artist:

This requires an incredible level of patience and skill. So be prepared to spend hours cutting and styling your own idea of electric tape body art.

It is intricate and sure to put your creativity to a test!

Advice for the Model:

While electric tape body art may look amazing, you’ll be cursing the artist when it’s time to pull it off.

However, art is a wonderful way of leaving behind the boundaries of daily life. So whether it’s on the wall or the body, it allows for the unbounded expression of the imagination.

It’s no wonder that something as simple as electric tape could be used to create waves in the world of fashion and interior design.

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