What is Elastic Therapeutic Tape? Where to Buy It?

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Using tape to help and prevent sports injuries is a practice that has been used, with mixed results, for many years.

In this article we will look at what the tape is used for, let you know where to buy it, and at the end of the article we have a number of videos which help to aid those requiring assistance with its application.

What is elastic therapeutic tape?

Elastic therapeutic tape is mainly used for treating pain from injuries – mainly incurred on the sports field. It is also used for a range of other physical disorders.

What does elastic therapeutic tape do?

It really depends who you ask. Some experts are openly skeptical of the benefits of tape so would tell you that it doesn’t do anything at all.

Some athletes however openly swear by it. Athletes that have had recurring hamstring injuries have had reported success from strapping up their thighs.

It’s really difficult to even study this kind of treatment. Imagine you had two athletes, one taped their thighs with therapeutic tape, the other didn’t. Now they go out on the sports field and play. If either of them injured their hamstring it is impossible to say what exact effect the tape had at all.

If however there is a chance that it does have a positive effect, well it is doubtful that you would lose anything by using it. So go ahead and tape up!

Where to buy elastic therapeutic tape?

We sell the tape via Amazon. You can buy it a couple of different ways.

Either pre cut strips.

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Or you can cut it yourself.

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How to apply elastic therapeutic tape?

There are a number of different ways to apply elastic therapeutic tape depending on the body part affected.

How to use elastic therapeutic tape for knees?

How to use elastic therapeutic tape for neck pain?

How to use elastic therapeutic tape for lower back pain?

Thoracic Back Pain – Taping

Have you used therapeutic tape? If so how did you find the results?

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