Duct Tape Crafts For School Kids & Beginners

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We hope you enjoy these fun, simple to follow videos of duct tape crafts.

The main material that you will need is of course colored duct tape.

Scissors and/or a cutting knife will come in handy.

These are fantastic, cheap and easy ideas for school holidays.

Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through making Duct Tape Bracelets.

The video starts a bit slow with a lot of umms, but it is worth bearing with it as the demonstration is thorough and the girl who created the video is very knowledgeable.

How to make the Super Mini Wallet!

This professional and easy to follow tutorial will teach you how to make a mini wallet.

The mini wallet is too small for holding money, they do however make great key chains.

DIY Binder Organizer // Duct Tape Zipper Pouch & Pen Holder // Back-To-School

Really cool duct tape binder that has loads of cool pockets and accessories.

This is more of an intermediate level project. It might be too complex for beginners.


Whether you want to impress that special person in your life with a flower that will never wilt, or just have some fun this tutorial is fun and easy to follow.

You will need a straw, duct tape and a pair of scissors.

We are looking for more great videos and tutorials to add to our duct tape crafts section so if you come across any good ones, please share with us.

The clearer and more straightforward they are the better as noone likes watching a video ten times trying to figure out what to do and where!

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