Drywall Tape

Drywall Tape Product Description

Drywall tape is designed primarily for covering the gaps between pieces of drywall prior to plastering.

It is also used in the repair of holes.

What is Drywall Tape Good For

Normally used for:

  • Fixing small to medium sized holes
  • Butt joints
  • Drywall seams

Not Recommended For

  • Large holes – See video below for the best way to fix larger holes

Insider Tips

It can come apart if you over scrape it so try not to get to carried away.

Common Questions and Answers

What to do When Drywall Tape Bubbles?

  • Cut out the bubbled area
  • Reapply the tape and compound
  • Allow to dry
  • Sand

How to tape Drywall Joints?

Its easier to show, than explain. Here is the best video we have found to explain the steps involved.

How to fix a large hole in Drywall

If you have anything more than a smallish hole of an inch or two you really need to use more than just tape and compound.

The video below will show you how to properly patch larger holes in drywall.