Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape almost describes itself, it is basically tape that is sticky not just on one side, but on both sides.

What is Double Side Tape Good For?

Double sided tape has a number of uses and is particularly useful for crafts like scrapbooking and photo albums.

  • Great for scrapbooking and crafting
  • Alternative to glue

Not Recommended For

  • Doesn’t stick well to foam
  • Not good for situations that only call for one side of the tape to be adhesive
  • Not designed for extremes of temperature

Handy Tips

How to remove double sided tape?

Although very handy in a number of situations double sided tape can be extremely tricky to remove from some surfaces.

Here are a number of ways you can remove the tape, remember you may fade or damage the surface so be careful.

  • Use rubbing alcohol
  • Use of hair dryer
  • Using dish soap

Where to buy Double Sided Tape?

You can buy doublesided tape at your local store or online from sites like Amazon.

Check out these methods and more on Wiki how.

Video Tip on Removing