Why Double Sided Fashion Tape is Essential for Your Wardrobe

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As a useful tool for holding special occasion clothing in place double sided fashion tape has been popular for decades.

It is also useful for prom dresses, beauty pageant attire and tailored power suits, even lingerie and dance-wear.

It’s also a common item in sewing kits, used to keep fabric briefly in its place without the use of pins.

Over the years the fashion industry has changed a lot, especially with mass-produced clothing becoming a cheaper choice for people, but fashion tape is still more popular than ever and used for many different things.

What Is Double Sided Fashion Tape?

Fashion tape is sticky on both sides, lined with an adhesive glue that won’t leave a residue on fabrics.

It’s strong enough to hold fabric in place, unlike other forms of household tape, and it’s also often used to hold foam padding in place when being used to stuff formal dresses, so the foam won’t slide out and create an embarrassing situation.

It’s usually clear, but over the years it has been available in many different colors for various reasons, including pink tape, Christmas tape, and beige tape. Sometimes it comes in a roll, or in handy strips in a portable tin so the user doesn’t have to tear it when they need it at an event, business meeting or venue.

Where can you buy Fashion Tape?

It’s available for sale everywhere from Wal-Mart to La Senza, a common accessory item at most retail front counters, but many other types of stores are starting to sell it, including supermarkets, fabric stores, second-hand clothing shops, Halloween party stores and even hardware stores.

It’s also available from a number of online vendors, through websites like Amazon and eBay, and often an extra item people add to their shopping carts through online fashion stores internationally.

The tape is often made of plastic, but can also be made from canvas or a thick paper-like material. It’s not reusable, but like many types of plastic, fashion tape can be recycled.

Fashion tape works by sticking pieces of fabric together or sticking fabric to skin or padding for a more fitted look in outfits and apparel. This keeps dresses from looking frumpy or wrinkled, and it keeps strapless dresses from sliding down during a party or dance.

Double Sided Fashion Trends

In the Eighties, fashion tape was a must-have item during the trend of wearing blazers with thick shoulder pads, keeping padding in-place for the “corporate executive” look that people wanted.

The trend eventually died out, but using double-sided fashion tape for shoulder padding at formal events is still fairly common today.

Victoria’s Secret, a popular United States lingerie store which has spread in recent decades to places like Europe and Canada, started the fad of using this tape for “breast lifting” in NOW Magazine, which at first was pegged by critics as a tasteless thing to promote, but soon took off on social media websites and fashion websites such as Pinterest.

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It’s also Victoria’s Secret and La Senza which sell most of the portable fashion tape tins for lingerie and clothing. Each tin is usually about the size of a case of mints, so it fits in most purses and makeup bags and makes it easier to carry around discreetly.

Since the time it first existed, there’s been a debate in the fashion world over whether or not double-sided tape actually works.

Some people say that it doesn’t hold heavier fabrics and that it will make annoying crinkling noises if it’s accidentally squished or held against some types of cloth, but many people swear by it, using it for a lot of their fashion needs.

The more reputable brands have a tendency to be stronger, longer-lasting and less likely to rip apart. If you decide to buy fashion tape, it’s best used with foam padding and lighter fabrics, for example silk or satin. Fabrics like wool, flannel and velour are usually too heavy for even the strongest of fashion tapes.

Most fashion tape works great with lighter fabric, though. Some people will also use duct tape, folded over on itself to form a loop that’s sticky on both sides, but most people use fashion tape because its clear, beige or brown shades make it match better with their skin tone, so it won’t be visible when they’re out in public.

It’s a great thing to have on-hand, and it’s relatively inexpensive to buy or order.

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