Coban Tape

You are probably familiar with that medical tape you see all the time when you have a minor sprain or injury.

If you have come across that kind of tape it is probably Coban Tape.

Coban tape is like velcro in a way. It is great at sticking to itself without any help from other materials.

Coban Tape Product Description

Coban Tape is great for medical use. When you have toes or fingers that need buddy taping Coban Tape is the tape to use.

It is designed to wrap tightly and not slip. It is also great for applying compression.

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What is Coban Tape Good For?

Coban Tape is mainly used for minor injuries.

It is a must-have for any first aid kit.

  • use as a overwrap for strains, sprains and also splints
  • Useful for securing dressings
  • Compression to reduce edema
  • Reduce post-operative swelling
  • Buddy Tape Toes
  • Buddy tape splints for fingers

One use of Coban tape that may not be immediately obvious is using it for Pet repairs. If your cat has an injury or your dog has been chewing their leg then you can use lightly applied Coban tape to help protect the injury.

DT MCarty did exactly this, she said “When my elderly dog would just chew & bite his leg for no reason we or his doc could see, I started wrapping Coban athletic tape around the faux boo boo one & the other leg as well, calling them socks.

Not Recommended For

  • Anything where you need it to stick to another surface, it doesn’t


Does it contain Latex?

Yes it does. However you can also buy Self Adhesive Latex-Free Coban.

Who invented Coban Tape?

Coban tape is made by 3M.

Where to buy Coban Tape?

The quickest and easiest way is to purchase on Amazon.

Check coban tape prices on Amazon.