Best Types of Invisible Tape (For Skin, Eyelids and Fabric)

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Sometimes the best type of tape you need is the one you can’t see.

There are many uses for invisible tapes, from repairing clothing, to hair and even eyelids.

We will take a look at some of the more popular uses of invisible tapes, and which tape is the best to use for what.

Best invisible eyelid tape

Millions of women around the world use eyelid tape in order to improve the look of their eyelids. It can make quite a difference if you have a “mono-lid’.

You might like our article on how to tape up eyelids.

If you want to buy eyelid tape the D-UP Wonder Tape is quite popular.

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape (Extra) by UPD

Invisible fashion tape for clothes and dresses

Nothing looks more shoddy than a piece of duct tape holding your pants together. That is why when it comes to clothing or fabric invisible tape is often used.

One of the most popular types used for fabric or clothing is Scotch Tape. Always a good thing to have on hand for your wedding or prom emergency kit.

Scotch Wardrobe Tape

Invisible tape for use on the skin

The main reason people are looking for invisible tape for their skin is related to facelifts.

One of the coolest tricks you can do with tape, especially if you want to look younger, is to do a DIY facelift. For this you really want invisible tape so that it is not obvious to the casual observer.

One of the most famous celebrities to use facelift tape is of course Lady Gaga.

Rather than just buy a tape alone for this, the best thing to do is to buy a kit. One of the popular kits is the one below:

Instant Face, Neck and Eye Lift (Dark and Light Hair)

If you have a favorite type of invisible tape, or something interesting you have done with tape, please let us know.

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