What Kind of Tape is Best for Sheetrock or Drywall?

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One of the frequently asked questions on our site is around the best type of tape to use for Drywall (also known as Sheetrock) repairs.

For the DIY non-professional, our recommendation for the best overall tape is to use is Mesh Tape.

The key to any good finish is of course preparation. There are a number of preparation tips that are important to follow so make sure you do your research before beginning your project.

Like any project, groundwork is key to a successful outcome.

sheetrock drywall tape
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Reasons why fibreglass backed mesh tape is a great choice for your drywall project

  • Mold and moisture resistance – this is especially important when you are working on a bathroom or a kitchen
  • Easiest learning curve – we have always found mesh tape easier to work with vs paper tape
  • Tackiness – being fibreglass backed, mesh tape is extremely sticky
  • May require a special joint compound

Another tape that is popular for drywall is drywall paper tape.

Drywall Paper tape

Most experts use paper tape rather than mesh tape and it can provide a better finish particularly around corners and other tricky areas.

  • Better finish when applied professionally
  • Don’t need scissors
  • Trickier to work with vs mesh tape
  • Can be prone to air bubbles
  • Recommended for inside corners


One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use a normal joint compound with mesh tape. There are special compounds that are meant to be used like Ez-Sand and the reason for this is that if you use a normal joint compound it will be more likely to crack.

But as a general recommendation from us, if you are not a pro go for the mesh tape with a compound like Ez-Sand.

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