Best Tape for BJJ Fingers and Belt Stripes

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My first time rolling around on BJJ mats was a painful experience. My arms, fingers and everything else were twisted and stretched to places they had never been before.

One thing I learned was you need to take precautions.

Not only in telling your opponents if you have injuries, but also protecting yourself with tape armor.

tape for bjj
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Best tape for fingers

BJJ master Keenan Cornelius tells us that yes, you do need a certain type of tape and it’s called Johnson and Johnson tape.

Here are some of the reasons and a few tips (You can watch the full video tutorial for taping up fingers below):

  • The more sweaty it gets the more it sticks.
  • Not only does it feel good it looks really cool.
  • Johnson and Johnson tape stretches, this helps the tape loosen up so the circulation can work ok.
  • Johnson & Johnson Athletic Tape

  • This tape is really good for rehab.
  • Don’t forget the buddy system. If one finger is injured make sure you tape the finger next to it.
  • Tape diagonally towards the longer finger, wrap around 2 or 3 times.

What kind of tape for BJJ Stripes on Belt

Most BJJ practitioners use white athletic tape or black electrical tape for the belt stripes. Try not to wash your belt too often though as the tape stripes will come off.

3M Scotch Black Electrical Tape


Here’s the thing, by using the best tapes in the first place you can save a lot of time experimenting.

If you are carrying injuries, by taping them up properly you can prevent further problems and get better usability out of the joints.

For taping your fingers, and other body parts, Johnson and Johnson tape comes highly recommended.

When applying tape for your belt stripes – if it is white you can use athletic tape, for black stripes electrical tape is great as well.

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