The Camping Companion: What Type of Tape Should You Take?

best tape for camping
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The beautiful, great outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. One of those is figuring out what type of tape to take camping.

As incredible as nature is, it can give you a tough time – so the next time you go camping, be sure to go prepared.

While it’s important to travel light, some essentials are a must – and duct tape tops this list.

If you’re wondering how helpful this little roll of tape will be, the answer is – VERY.

Known for its uncanny durability, strong adhesive properties, and the ability to create a waterproof seal, you can’t set foot into the wilderness without it.

best tape for camping
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So if you’re still stumped on what this unassuming little roll of tape can do – here are some examples:

1. Repair the Tear:

Nature won’t go easy on you, so while you take shelter in your tent, what happens if there is a tear? Where most other tapes would give away, duct tape is the perfect solution.

It can fix up that rip in a jiffy to ensure a comfortable night out in the wild.

2. DIY Clothesline:

Whether you fell into the pond or need to wash your clothes, you’re going to need somewhere to dry them – and rocks aren’t the best idea.

What does work, however, is a clothesline. But instead of carrying one with you wherever you go, just pack that roll of duct tape.

Now twist the tape, as long as you want, and prop it up to make your very own clothesline!

3. Ankle Support:

If you’re used to the luxuries of modern life, running into the wild is sure to come with a number of surprises.

One of these is uneven ground. And sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you do tend to trip.

So if you end up with a sprained ankle in the middle of nowhere, no need to go digging around for a medical kit.

Instead, just pull out that handy roll of duct tape and wrap it all around for a DIY ankle support! Just be sure not to make it too tight.

4. Fix the Crack:

Water is vital, and you may not be able to fill up on it from the next spring you find.

After all, with the level of pollution nowadays, it’s best to stick to bottled water.

So when you spy a crack in your bottle, be sure to fix it straight away to avoid any wastage – and how better to do this than with a little bit of that nifty tape?

This hack can also be used to make those flimsy plastic bottles last longer. However, the surface needs to be completely dry when rolling it on, otherwise the tape won’t adhere!

5. Mend the Tent Pole:

You don’t need to pack your bags and head home if you notice the tent pole is broken.

So long as you’re equipped with a trusty roll of duct tape, you can just take a strong twig from nearby and wrap it up.

Be sure to place it parallel to the pole to squeeze out one last bout of adventure.

This will reinforce the pole, making for a temporary fix – just remember to buy a replacement before the next time you go camping.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet – this hack can work with a broken fishing pole.
camping tent pole tape
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6. Make A Spear:

If you’re truly going to try living the way nomads did, you might want a spear handy.

While you may not be a practiced hunter, this might just prove useful when it comes to warding off wild animals.

In all seriousness, however, you could use it while preparing an outdoor meal, or even just for show.

All you need is a long stick and a knife (because who will spend long hours sharpening a rock today?) Now you can securely fix the knife at the end of the stick with that brilliant tape you remembered to bring along!

7. Bandages:

If you’re wounded and in immediate need of some bandages, get some tissue paper and duct tape out.

Now you can place the tissue over the injured area and cover it up with duct tape to secure it into place.

Just a word of warning, however – make sure the duct tape doesn’t touch the wound, and also remember to only use clean tissues.

This is just an emergency DIY hack, however, so if you have access to good, clean bandages, that’s what you should go for!

And the best part is – these are just some of the many uses for duct tape.

So the next time you go camping, let your imagination soar – from dangling a light to making a belt, it has an endless array applications.

Moreover, this innocuous roll of tape is cheap and easily available as well.

So if you’re penning down your list of essentials right now, you know what to NEVER forget when you head outdoors.

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