Best Double Sided Tape for Phone Repair

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There are a number of phone, tablet and other electronic device repairs that require double-sided tape.

Not just any double-sided tape will do because when you use tape on electronic devices it generally needs to be heat resistant as well.

When you are replacing a part on your phone or device the part may come with a precut adhesive, or you may need to provide the tape yourself.

What type of repairs is double-sided tape good for?

There are a number of different repairs that often require tape including:

  • Screen replacement
  • Repairs on tablets
  • Battery covers
  • Camera covers
  • Screen protectors
  • LCD Panels

Which is the best double sided tape for phone repair?

There are a number of alternatives out there.

Make sure that whatever you buy fits the heat and adhesive requirements that you need.

Kaisiking Double Sided Adhesive Tape is commonly used for many types of digital repairs. It’s easy to use and is heat resistant as well.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape Kaisiking

Another tape you can use is 3M Double-sided Adesive tape. This tape is used for repairing digitizers on phones and cameras.

3m 300lse 3/4″ X 20 Ft Double Sided Sticky Adhesive Tape

Tips for using tape on electronics

  • When cutting the tape use a pair of sharp scissors – don’t try to rip it with your hands
  • Make sure the area you are planning on taping is clear of dust and residue from the previous tape
  • To remove the previous residue from the surface you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry
  • Take your time and follow the instructions carefully

Repairing your own electronic devices is a great way to not only save money but to learn a different skill set at the same time.

If you know of another double sided tape for phone repair or if you have any tips and tricks for repairing phones and other small devices, please share with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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