5 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Lives

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Duct tape is one of those modern world wonders that never ceases to amaze.

Every day we hear new stories about cars, appliances, and even lives saved by this magical product.

1. Duct tape saves life of man and dog in the wilderness

If you are ever lost in the wilderness a roll of duct tape can come in very handy as a poor hiker discovered after being lost in the Sierra Nevada wilderness for several days. Cody Michael, an experienced outdoors-man, athlete and hiker used a trusty roll of duct tape and wrote very large letters on the ground that spelt “HELP.”

duct tape survival
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After many hours of searching, a rescue helicopter was able to rescue Michael and his dog.

2. Duct Tape Used in the Apollo 13

Can you imagine a highly-sophisticated space aircraft like the Apollo 13 having duct tape on board? Well, do you know that this little item actually saved the lives of the astronauts after a malfunction? After, its two main oxygen tanks got damaged; the astronauts had to apply their ingenuity to stop the buildup of too much carbon dioxide.

apollo 13

They used the tape to fit a square peg into an opening.

3. Prevent Frostbite

To avoid the damaging effects of frostbite, snowmobilers participating in the 2,200-mile Iron Dog, one of the world’s toughest snowmobile races, protected their faces to avoid the freezing temperatures. It stuck very well on their faces, stopped moisture or sweat from forming into ice, and could safely be removed from the skin at the end of the race.

4. Hold Broken/damaged body Parts in Place

Imagine breaking your knee, finger, or hand while in the wilderness? While cross-country skiing in the wilderness, Wayne Merry, a Canadian author injured his knee’s posterior collateral ligaments as well as medial anterior collateral.

This was not only painful but also made walking almost impossible. However, the 72-year old wrapped several layers of duct tape which stabilized the damaged knee and allowed him to slowly ski to safety.

5. Patching Hole in Boats

How common are stories of individuals using duct tape to mend holes?

In fact, this tape has become a vital component in anyone who goes out into the lake, river, sea, or ocean.

Duct tape has very good bonding characteristic and is also water resistant. This makes it good for emergency sealing product. In fact, researchers from a popular TV program “Myth Busters” successfully made a functional boat from nothing else but duct tape.

duct tape boats

There you have it. 5 times duct tape has saved lives. Despite its simplicity, this product will come handy during your time of need. You may need to fix a leaking car radiator, patch a hole in a boat, or support your arm or any other body part after an accident. It’s also useful for sealing windows and doors, repairing broken water bottles, or resealing food containers.

Do you have any duct tape with you?

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