Gorilla Tape

Product Name:Gorilla Tape
Features:Double-Thick Adhesive: Grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces, Tough, Reinforced Backing: The tight weave contributes to the heft, but Gorilla Tape can still be ripped by hand,Rugged, Weather-Resistant Shell: Withstands moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes better than other tapes
Size:1 Pack or 2 Pack
Gorilla Tape
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Gorilla Tape Product Description

Gorilla tape is best described as a reinforced type of duct tape.

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What is Gorilla Tape Good For

  • Good for sticking to uneven surfaces like brick, wood and stone
  • Fixing broken home or car parts
  • Removing hairs
  • Take camping – fix ripped tents, broken equipment

Not Recommended For

  • Electrical work
  • Its way to thick to fix some things that duct tape is known for – like blisters
  • Hot surfaces

Final Verdict On Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape is good for when you need something stronger than duct tape, which is pretty strong itself. Its not as lightweight to handle as duct tape so there are times when one suits better than the other.

All about Gorilla Tape

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