Duct Tape

Product Name:Duct Tape
Features:Used for temporary repairs, light-duty bundling, sealing, and marking, Natural rubber adhesive sticks well to metal, plastic, and concrete, yet removes easily,Silver polyethylene layer is moisture resistant and accepts permanent marker,Conformable tape bonds to smooth, contoured, and lightly textured surfaces,Tears off the roll cleanly for ease in handling
Size:1 Pack, 3 Pack or 24 Pack
Duct Tape
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Duct Tape Product Description

Duct tape, also know as duck tape, is a cloth backed tape. The tape is normally polyethylene coated.

Duct tape is well known for how easy it is to tear, and for its strength.

Rumor has it that it was originally called duck tape because of the way water doesn’t stick to the fabric surface – just like water slides off a ducks back.

What is Duct Tape Good For

There are so many things that you can use duct tape for that it is impossible to list them all. Some popular uses include:

  • Fixing broken car parts. E.g broken rear view mirror, or windshield
  • Temporary fix for leaking hoses or pipes
  • Covering school books
  • Fixing broken sports equipment
  • Lines on a sports ground
  • All manner of crafts
  • Getting rid of warts
  • Blisters

Not Recommended For

  • Anything that is going to get hot – the adhesive doesn’t bond as well when heat is applied
  • It’s not water proof (it is water resistant)
  • Do not use it for electrical work (use electrical tape instead)

Final Verdict On Duct Tape

Every household should have a role of duct tape handy. Even astronauts have used duct tape on the moon to repair the fender on a moon buggy.

Although it can be used for many things, it is not the answer to everything so make sure you pay attention to what we have listed in the not recommended for section.

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