How to Tape Your Thumbs for Volleyball – And The Best Tape to Use

Do you play volleyball and are wondering on how best to tape up your thumbs?

Some people find it quite stressful on their thumbs. If you want to reduce the stress on your thumbs then we have some advice for you.

The techniques we list below are not restricted to only volleyball. They are also applicable to help reduce thumb stress from other activities.

Always consult with your physician to ensure these methods are suitable for you.

Do not use these techniques if you experience any:

Thumb taping can help to prevent and heal thumb injuries.


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What to use

The best kind of tape to use in restricting undesired motion is a non-stretch, adhesive sports tape. 1.5 Inch is the best size as you can use the full size for the anchor, and half strips for the loop arounds.

When is a good idea to thumb tape?

If you have a thumb sprain, taping the thumb may be of benefit. Always discuss with a physiotherapist as certain types of injuries, such as fractures, should not be taped.

If you just want to prevent injury or further aggravation of an injury during sports activities, taping usually is a good idea as there is no negative effect in wearing tape as a preventative measure.

Taping techniques

Prior to taping the skin should be clean, dry, and free of sweat and grease.

It is one of those activities that is easier to watch, than read about.

Thumb Taping | Tape Your Own Thumb for Volleyball

Whenever you want to remove the tape, you should use lots of care so as not to cause any skin damage, or possible re-injury.

In general the tape should be removed within a 48 hour time-frame.

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