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Wedding Diaries: All the Tape you will Need (What to use for What)

Wedding days can be chaotic. With people running behind schedule, and all manner of components that need to flow together, this special day is usually filled with numerous challenges. However, if you’re calm enough, none of these will feel like the biggest hurdle of your life. Since you want everything to scream elegance and beauty at the same time, every little thing counts. But to make the most of your venue as well as your decorations, it’s important to use...
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Cool Washi Tape Project Ideas That Are Fun And Easy To Make

Cool Things to do with Washi Tape The first diy that we have for you is one that many people use all over the internet. Washi Tape Photo Cards Difficulty: 3/5 Things you will need: A nice photo A plain card or white cardboard A rectangular label or small piece of cardboard Any colour A nice quote put onto a label then cut to shape Finally a pen to write inside the card Image Credit Instructions: The first step is...
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