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How to Tape your Nipples (and What Kind of Tape to Use)

Whether you are running a marathon, or simply heading out for the night, it can be a very sensible idea to tape up your nipples. Some tapes are not ideal for this sensitive area of the body. Let’s talk about which kinds of tape you can use, and the best way to tape them up. How to tape your nipples for running Why should you tape your nipples when running? If you have ever experienced the pain of a chafed...
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How to Use Tape To Assist Your Gluing – It’s Not Rocket Science

Gluing something together, whether for the first time or as part of a repair, isn’t the province of rocket science. After all, regardless of how complicated something that needs to be glued together might be, it boils down to using a bonding agent of some kind and whatever you want to glue together. Easy enough. Where it often gets complicated is when whoever is trying to do the work attempts to hold the pieces together steady enough, long enough for...
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