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10 Unusual Uses for Duct Tape That Will Surprise You

Duct Tape isn’t considered the king of all tapes for nothing. Available in a variety of colors, this incredible creation is waterproof, endurable, and ideal for a number of things. Invented to fix ducts, it was soon discovered that this isn’t the best idea. Far from being left gathering dust however, it was popularized on the battle fields of World War 2 – and was used for almost everything else since. There is very little it cannot do, so here...
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Duct Tape Crafts For School Kids & Beginners

We hope you enjoy these fun, simple to follow videos of duct tape crafts. The main material that you will need is of course . Scissors and/or a cutting knife will also come in handy. Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial This tutorial talks you through making Duct Tape Bracelets. The video starts a bit slow with a lot of umms, but it is worth bearing with it as the demonstration is thorough and the girl who created the video is very...
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