How To Tape Your Groin With KT Tape (And Where to Buy it)

There are certain sports that are notorious for groin strains. For myself it is softball. For others it can be soccer, hockey or football.

What exactly is a groin strain?

If you have pain along the inner thigh it is likely that you have a groin strain.

A groin strain can happen in sports where sudden movement or change of direction happens.

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It is caused by a tear or rupture to one of the adductor muscles.

For immediate relief for a groin strain it is a good idea to ice the area.

What kind of tape to use for a groin strain?

The best tape to use for a groin strain is KT tape.

How to tape your groin with KT Tape

KT Tape can help to treat a groin strain by providing support and stability to the muscles.

The best idea is to watch this KT Tape groin video as it much easier to explain with a demonstration compared to written instructions.

If you have a groin strain remember to give it plenty of rest. Don’t return to sport too soon as it can take several weeks to repair properly.

Make sure you see your medical professional for advice prior to any kind of treatment.

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