How to Tape up Your Knee and Which Kind of Tape to Use

If you have a sore knee then it can help a lot to tape it up with sports tape.

This can make it less painful if you are planning on running. Or help an injury heal.

The tape we recommend for strapping and taping up knees is Kinesiology Tape (KT Tape).

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How to Tape up your Knee

To show you better how to apply the tape, and how exactly to stretch it as you do so it will help if you watch the video below.

How to apply Kinesiology Taping for Knee Pain

A knee injury doesn’t always mean you have to rest up and stop being active. Take it easy though as you don’t want to make a minor injury into a major, or chronic, problem.

Please seek medical advice if you are unsure of the extent of your injury.

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